Clients who hire us typically identify as being business owners, spouses, parents, and investors who are looking to protect their business and the life they have built. We work with clients to create and protect based on the Client's need and goals.

Estate Planning & Probate

Goldin Law works with Clients to create an Estate plan that includes a living will, healthcare power of attorney, wills, and trusts to help your family and friends avoid the probate process. We also help your family with the probate process for those assets that must be probated.

Business & Corporate Law

From business formation to business advisory services, Goldin Law has the experience and knowledge to help you business get through the most difficult business issues small business, vacation rental businesses, rental property, etc.

Asset Protection

Goldin Law provides asset protection across the United States and around the Globe helping clients protect their businesses and family from lawsuits, estate taxes for your family and business.

Real Estate 
& Construction Law

Goldin Law can effectively navigate, negotiate, and implement the numerous real estate agreements needed whether you purchasing one lot to multiple lots. We can help establish joint ventures, help with due diligence, contractor's licensing, disputes, liens, and foreclousers.

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